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Road safety Management policy

It is the top priority of the company to ensure compliance of RSM policy by the employees. Checking all vehicles to ensure that vehicles are fit for transport- ation business and all vehicles are equipped with proper emergency accessories (fire extinguisher, first aid box, Tracking system) and these are in servicea ble conditions. Ensure that all drivers go through a safety defensive driving course. Obey all traffic rules. Drivers are firmly instructed that any violation of the rules (e.g., speed lim its, excess idling, vehicle stoppage time etc) will result in disciplinary ac tion. Drivers shall be trained to comply with company emergency response plan. Comply to use safety seat belt during driving and keep safe  distance from front vehicle and high alert driving during raining or wet roads. Operation Policy Operation is main activity of company. Safe and efficient operation is necessary to improve company performance. TECHNOTRANS Transportation Company is committed to provide safe and efficient operation. Ensure that drivers are mentally and medically fit for driving. The vehicle must be tested. Ensure the drivers have necessary information about the journey total time, duty hours, routes, rest areas and potential hazards of journey. Ensure that our company has all the required information about each journey (JNS).


It has been always a primary goal of our organization to be the industry leader in safety. - Being aware of the importance of safety procedures and strategies to apply and practice. - It’s a message that needs to permanently delivered, and a course of action that needs to be taken. Aiming at gaining "safety culture" throw out the whole organization that will feature the value of safety to each and every individual within the company and will be applied at every level of it. Therefore, the use of Mobile phones in motor vehicles is as follows: For safety purpose, the use of a hands-held mobile phone while driving is forbidden and should be treated as a case of serious misconduct. If there is no hands free facility available, the phone must be switched off while driving and a messaging service should be used to take incoming calls. When the vehicle is equipped with a hands-free kit, the phone should only be used to receive calls and conversations kept. To an absolute minimum while driving. If there is a need for a longer discussion, the driver should explain his situation and offer to call the caller back when a safe place to park is available. It is not safe to stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway. Outgoing calls should not be made while driving and dialing must not take place whilst the vehicle is in motion.


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TECHNOTRANS Transportation Company is the name of a new company which is the result of the merger of three big Egyptian companies with professional approaches and unique set of experience and knowledge. We are a private company initially established in 2011. .

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