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Transportation Experiences

we can draw on many years of experience in rig moves and other resource projects. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, we can make realistic and cost-efficient project plans that you can rely on. We have a track record of satisfied customers in the resources sector, and we strive to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

Safety & Compliance

WE HAVE A PERFECT acknowledge Company’s strong commitment to HSE and confirm that we have written safety and environmental policies, which are of a standard comparable to that of company. These policies signed and actively supported and endorsed by our clients management. we further affirm that is our policies are widely and we commitment and understood to our employees. TECHNOTRANS Company safety and environmental policies have include a description of CLIENTS organization, procedures and methods of communication among all mentioned involved/partner .

Equipment efficiency

Our effective crews have had years of qualified transportation experience moving equipment safely, securely and quickly. We have assisted in more than 5000 rig moves, with more than 98.5% success rate performance in reducing 'equipment move time' between rig release till rig up. So, Our Equipment's fleet make a difference

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TechnoTrans Company provides full trucking services for the middle east enterprises with a supply chain that covers all the Middle East area • We are one of Heavy transportation company in Egypt that has its own fleet of equipment to transfer all kinds of equipment’s and Parts "hazardous & nonhazardous" whether from or to.


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TechnoTrans as one of the world's leading suppliers of forwarding and logistics services -in a challenging world of global commerce & international trade- does Not only specialize in heavy transport; our range of services extends to contain all end-to-end supply chain management solutions lifting equipment, Global stan.


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Rig move

To minimize the time between effective well operations, it is imperative that sites are prepared correctly and that drilling rigs are moved in an efficient and safe manner. The primary objective of a rig move is to plan and execute the operation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner .

Rig move

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About US


TECHNOTRANS Transportation Company is the name of a new company which is the result of the merger of three big Egyptian companies with professional approaches and unique set of experience and knowledge. We are a private company initially established in 2011. .

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We work 5 days a week, every day including major holidays. Contact us for any info.

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